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Wow, this was a great experience. It really captures that feeling of doing something you probably shouldn't, and shows how you can build tension without resorting to tired horror tropes.

Oi Joel


fucking jumpscared me harder than fnaf 1 :(


I've never felt so nervous. How can a game be so unnerving without containing any scary concepts?

Very well made and we had a good laugh with this one.


Old times :) 


only if it was available for macOS

ill see if i can get this running in wine


"the game where you have to watch out for your own parents and the game ones too"

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Is there a possibility to get caught? I really wanna see what would happen..

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 ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \  Hello~

This is basically my childhood in a nutshell. Relatable in all the wrong and right ways.

This was a clever and cheeky game, and I love the fact that there were sounds reminiscent of the old start up ones. The DELL beepings and AOL browser were pretty nostalgic, and the character's constant paranoia of trying not to  get caught looking at this stuff was quite accurate to how I felt when I was younger. I think the ad pop ups and ending were pretty funny as well. Overall, great job~

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"Eh this is time not like I'd need to OH MAN THAT'S HOT--" - no but for real, Furry porn in the 90's? PFFFT. I call Bull.


no it existed :)

im kinda interested to see what that was like

i have seen it


The thrill (and the troll)  is real, so lucky that I was home alone playing this  xD

Magnificent, nostalgia at it's best.  I'd forgotten so much, but this game managed to bring it all back.  Capturing the feeling of the first time you ever saw porn is a special thing, that everyone should be able to experience over and over again.  Now I do think it could be improved with more feelings from the viewer on each particular subject.  But a beautiful idea nonetheless.  Also, I think our house is haunted, by a pervy ghost....but, who ya gonna call?


This is a really fascinating game simply for how vulnerable it makes the player feel. In a medium riddled with power fantasies, You Must be 18 or Older to Enter stands out by undoubtedly making the player uncomfortable.

I caught myself turning down my computer's volume while playing out of embarrassment, and laughing deflectively at the 18+ sounds while feeling red in the cheeks.

And a special shoutout to Julie Buchanan, who was brave enough to tackle the audio for this project. It was very effective!

Good retro game. Brings me back to the days of dial-up modem and trading pics of naked women on 3.5" floppy disks with my classmates!

This game is epic! I had flash backs to the 90's the entire time I played it. great work team :)

Great stuff, pretty darn tense.